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The story of cyclist Biniam Girmay.

At the age of 17, while training in his home country Eritrea in Africa,

he dreams of riding the Tour de France. 

Against all odds, Biniam climbs up the international rankings. 

But will he make it into a top team and get selected for the tour?

Biniam Girmay, a 17 year old promising cyclist from the African country Eritrea, dreams of one day riding the Tour de France, the most prestigious Grand Tour in the world.

For years he thought the Tour was only for European or white cyclists, as over its more than 100 editions, only a handful of the participants were black. 

Biniam’s evolving performances give a rare insight into cycling in Africa.

But to make it into and international pro team, Europe’s visa procedures are a constant hassle. And once he marries in Eritrea and becomes a father, the distance of 6.000kms takes its toll. Against all odds, Biniam climbs up the international rankings. When at age 21, he wins his first ‘Classic’, he proves African riders can win big races. He becomes a cycling hero overnight, but can he change cycling forever?


‘This is my moment’ gives a unique insight into Biniam Girmay’s climb to success and to adulthood. For more than six years, Lieven was the only friend and filmmaker allowed to film Biniam's life in Eritrea as well as in Europe. Having Biniam also filming with a vlogging camera, they have made this film together in a co-creation process.

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